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I'm using a header menu with dropdown that uses javascript and the dropdown menu links are within javascript, but when I enter php, it doesn't seem to work. Here's a sample portion of the code:

[code]//Contents for menu 2, and so on
var menu2=new Array()
menu2[0]='<a href="/social_member_home.php">My Account</a>'
menu2[1]='<a href="/social_mem_interest.php">Edit Profile</a>'
menu2[2]='<a href="/social_upload_image.php">Edit Photos</a>'
menu2[3]='<a href="/social_mem_account.php">Account Settings</a>'[/code]

I need to utilize php within, for example, on the first line, I need to use:
[code]menu2[0]='<a href="/social_member_home.php?member=<?=$mem_id?>">My Account</a>'[/code]

When I use the above, the link shows exactly as it is shown "<?=$mem_id?>" (this isn't replaced by the actual member id.

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