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css in db

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i want to store css template which has header,left navbar,center,right navbar,footer in mysql db.iam using like this

1..i will store a css template in db

2..retrieve it from db and assigned its value to some textarea for updations

3..update content

$header='<style type ="text/css">
padding:5px;}</style><div id="header">WELCOME</div>';
if i use this type everything is displayed correctly but when updating it iam getting error
is it the correct way to store in db or i have to use

$header='<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="abc.css"> <div id="header">WELCOME</div>';


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Is this what you are trying to do?

stylesheet.php: [code]<?php
$conn = mysql_connect("localhost","username","password");

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM skins WHERE id=1 LIMIT 1");

if(mysql_num_rows($query) > 0)
$skin_data = mysql_fetch_assoc($query);
header("Content-type: text/css");
echo $skin_data['css'];

HTML code: [code]<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.php" />[/code]

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i want to store css code in db and retrieve it and want to update css code from admin cp.i already tested htmlentities,htmlspecialchars like that.everything is displaying correctly but when updating it from admin panel it is not updated.


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here a good admin drop down colors to help you

you could use the dropdown menu to change all the colors if it helps ok.



echo $back_ground;

<table align="center" border="4" bordercolor="black">
<td align="center">

<form method="POST" action="">
<select name="back_ground">

<option value="">Highlight</option>
<option value="#000000" style="background-color: Black;color: #FFFFFF;">Black</option>
<option value="#808080" style="background-color: Gray;">Gray</option>
<option value="#A9A9A9" style="background-color: DarkGray;">DarkGray</option>
<option value="#D3D3D3" style="background-color: LightGrey;">LightGray</option>
<option value="#FFFFFF" style="background-color: White;">White</option>
<option value="#7FFFD4" style="background-color: Aquamarine;">Aquamarine</option>
<option value="#0000FF" style="background-color: Blue;">Blue</option>
<option value="#000080" style="background-color: Navy;color: #FFFFFF;">Navy</option>
<option value="#800080" style="background-color: Purple;color: #FFFFFF;">Purple</option>
<option value="#FF1493" style="background-color: DeepPink;">DeepPink</option>
<option value="#EE82EE" style="background-color: Violet;">Violet</option>
<option value="#FFC0CB" style="background-color: Pink;">Pink</option>
<option value="#006400" style="background-color: DarkGreen;color: #FFFFFF;">DarkGreen</option>
<option value="#008000" style="background-color: Green;color: #FFFFFF;">Green</option>
<option value="#9ACD32" style="background-color: YellowGreen;">YellowGreen</option>
<option value="#FFFF00" style="background-color: Yellow;">Yellow</option>
<option value="#FFA500" style="background-color: Orange;">Orange</option>
<option value="#FF0000" style="background-color: Red;">Red</option>
<option value="#A52A2A" style="background-color: Brown;">Brown</option>
<option value="#DEB887" style="background-color: BurlyWood;">BurlyWood</option>
<option value="#F5F5DC" style="background-color: Beige;">Beige</option>
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="choose a colour">

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iam getting this error.iam using php4,mysql4,apache 1.3 ,windows platform[xp]
You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'right='#right {position : relative; height : 779px; width : 267


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