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how to store value from a array into one variable?


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hello, um i got a form that stored an array of variables upon users clicks.

it submits to another page fine as an array and i can print them using

if(!empty($_POST['langSpoken'])) {

    echo "\n<p><strong>You selected the following LangSpoken:</strong></p>\n<ul>";

    foreach($langSpoken as $lang) {

      // exclude any items with chars we don't want, just in case someone is playing
      if(!preg_match('/^[-A-Z0-9\., ]+$/iD', $lang)) continue;

      // print the lang
      echo "\n\t<li>" . htmlspecialchars($lang) . "</li>";
    echo "\n</ul>";

  else {
    echo "\n<p>No items selected</p>";


it prints a list a of array like

  • english
  • spanish


but i need to store each one in one variable so i can store in a database

is there a way?


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You don't want to store all the values in one record within the database, that would be a poor design decision. Instead, each of these values should have there own row. You can then use another items 'id' to relate them if need be.

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