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I am trying to create a login script using the code below


//check if username and password exists
$checkuser=mysql_query("SELECT * from `tbl_users` where username = '$user' and password=md5('$password')");
if(mysql_num_rows($checkuser) > 0) //login name was found
//if they do return to home page with relevant include
  $user_row = mysql_fetch_array($checkuser);
  	  $_SESSION['logname'] = $user_row['forename']; 
  $_SESSION['usertype'] = $user_row['usertype'];
  header("Location: index.php");
//if not display login form with message that says logon details are incorrects
echo('Do something else');


However I get a message saying that mysql_num_rows is not a valid resource.


Any ideas where I am going wrong?

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Oh, and rather than store the username and other info of a successful login inside session variables - store the row ID number instead then just look that up each time.


$checkuser=mysql_query("SELECT `id`,`forename`,`usertype` from `tbl_users` where username = '$user' and password='".md5($password)."'");if (mysql_num_rows($checkuser) > 0) { //have we got any results to process?  $row=mysql_fetch_assoc($checkuser);  $_SESSION['uID']=$row['id'];  header("Location: index.php");  exit;  } else { //if not display login form with message that says logon details are incorrects    echo 'Do something else' ;  }


Then on other scripts read the user details from the uID session var from the user table each time and validate there.

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