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Problem with tables layout in IE

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Im working on the template for a website im designing, and having a little problem with they layout in IE

The Site: [url=http://www.sanfly.com/nzso/template.php]New Zealand Society for Oncology[/url]

The Problem:  Down the left side im using the table to position the upper half of the lower helix.  I have tried defining the height of this in both the td and tr tags, both in html and stylesheets.  In FF this works fine, but in IE the row height is way too large.  See the light blue box?  I dont want to see that at all.

Feel free to view my source and stylesheet to help make any suggestions.


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Don'y use tables for your layout if its simply to position these images...

They should be background images anyway..

If you need some help just come on here and the cs section and we'll keep you right.

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