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Seeing If Engaged

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#1 Millar

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Posted 23 September 2006 - 08:01 AM


I am writing a PHP script which involves a user being on a page for a certain amount of seconds, now, I was wondering how I can make it so when the user leaves the page, I can get a function to work. Is there anyway I can do this, maybe with sessions?

Thanks, Millar.

#2 shocker-z

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Posted 23 September 2006 - 01:51 PM

You can't make a command excecute when exiting a page as this has to be done client side and even then in javascript its not even 90% supported i would say.. Best way is basing it on time in a DB therefore if it's been over 5 mins then user isn't on the page and if then refresh then will update the session ID time so then it now show's as being live.

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#3 FrOzeN

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Posted 23 September 2006 - 02:48 PM

You could have a hidden iframe (say index.php?page=1000&page-still-open=true) in the page which refreshes itself every 1 or 2 minutes, and that information could be manipulated server-side to grasp a rough idea of what page they're currently on and how long they've been viewing it (based on the count of refreshes recorded).

#4 Daniel0

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Posted 23 September 2006 - 02:51 PM

If the user always goes to a specific page after, you could just run it there.

#5 pkSML

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Posted 23 September 2006 - 03:51 PM

Millar, what is the objective with your script? What are you wanting to happen if you know a user has been on your site for N seconds?

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