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Query does not match session!


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I need help making $_SESSION['code'] match variable $code when executed. They're both accessing rand() but with different results.

function create_user($params)

$code = rand(11111111,99999999);

$_SESSION['code'] = $code;

$query = sprintf("INSERT INTO users 
	users.screen_name = '%s',
	users.user_email = '%s',
	users.user_pwd = '%s',
	users.image = '%s',
	created_at = NOW(),
	users.code = $code,
	users.active = '0'"
	, mysql_real_escape_string($params['screen_name']),

$result = mysql_query($query);

return false;
return true;

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'$code = rand(11111111,99999999)' is inserted into the database with 'users.code = $code' and '$_SESSION['code']' is using '$code = rand(11111111,99999999)' as well.


The INSERT 'users.code = $code' and $_SESSION['code'] return different results. They must match.

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I'm confused as well.


In the script above you are generating a random number and 1) creating a new record in the database and setting one of the fields to that value and then 2) setting a session variable to the same value.


You are saying the two values do not match. Exactly "WHERE" do they not match? You are obviously not comparing the two variables in the above script, so I must assume you are seeing the problem on another page. I will further assume you are storing the code as a session variable so you can grab the user's data from the database on subsequent page loads.


So, are your queries returning no records on subsequent pages (i.e. no record is returned)? I don't see you starting the session in the above code. Don't know if that is the problem or if you jest left that off for brevity.


Basically, what you are asking makes no sense within the context of the code you have provided.

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The session is started elsewhere. The session is being used on register.php page that inserts into the database. When the query is echoed from user.php, which is the supplied code above, and the form is echoed from register.php the results are different. I can supply more code if necessary.

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