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Post Array into PHP Variables?


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I have a form that is producing the following :


Array ( [formID] => 3154008308 [q1_applicationDate] => Array ( [month] => 11 [day] => 15 [year] => 2010 ) [q4_fullName4] => Array ( [first] => TOM [last] => STONE ) [q5_email] => TSTONE@YAHOO.COM [q6_address6] => Array ( [addr_line1] => 325 E LINCOLN [addr_line2] => [city] => GENESEE [state] => NY [postal] => 33256 [country] => United States ) [q38_selectProvider38] => Sprint [q39_selectPlan] => Individual [website] => [simple_spc] => 3154008308-3154008308 )


HOW do I automatically get each item above into it's own PHP variable?  The page that receives this Array is the second page of a 3 or 4 page form.  I need to send the above information on through the remainder of the form??


Would appreciate any help!  Thanks!





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There's a number of things at work here.


1)  Each of these is already in its own addressable space:  $_POST['formID'] is 3154008308


2)  If you want to have data persist between pages, use the session.


3)  If you want to store a big list of variables in the session, you would want to make them an array.  They are already an array, so breaking them into their own variables would be counter productive.



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Several ways.  You can shove it in the session or use a hidden input:


// page2
$_SESSION['first_page'] = $_POST;




// page2
echo '<input type="hidden" name="first_page" value="' . serialize($_POST) .'">';


Pick one of these and do it on each page.  Then on the last page you can access either:


$_SESSION['first_page'], $_SESSION['second_page'] etc...




$_POST['first_page'], $_POST['second_page'] etc...

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