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variable and include function HELP really complex.


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Ok it's abit complicated so i'll try to explain as best as I can.

Upon registration a file is created with your username that was registered and also a file for your profile named after your username so it would be /profiles/usernamesprofilehere.php.


I put a code into the profile that is:

include ("/home/giacjrdi/public_html/mysite/profiles/profileinfo/$username.info.php");
echo "<center><b><br /> $user's Profile <br /></b></center>";

$username is calling the cookie's username

while $user is calling the account's username.


eg if I try to view "bob"'s profile but logged in as "fred" since the include function is under $username which is cookies, it will retrieve "fred"'s information and post it on "bob"'s profile.


The only sollution i can think of would be to store a username variable in the url and use it for the include function.

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Lets step back a bit. Why are you creating new pages for each user in the first place? PHP is generally used to make dynamic websites which keep there data within a database, you could use this 'dynamic' technique to serv all your user profiles from a single profile page.


Do you think that every time you post a new topic on this board a new page is created?

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