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Turning a Hardrive into a Server

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Hello everyone, i was wondering how i could turn an external hardrive that i have into a server accessible by everyone on the net
but when i switch the button to off the server shuts off
How can i do this

ps its for a windows computer

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Your ISP will likely have something to say about this. ISPs generally don't like people hosting servers on their machines, unless you pay for a commercial service. This is to avoid the certain bandwidth issues that will result from traffic to "residential" networks, and also so they can make a bit more money. :)

The most likely option is to run an FTP server that has its root in the hard drive's root. The only FTP daemon I've used in Windows is WarFTP, at www.warftp.org. I'm not sure, though, how you would automatically shut the server off when the hard drive is shut off.

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