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1) No I don't expect any one to do any thing

2) This forum section is a joke

3) This forum section is being added to my blacklist

4) Just delete or remove my account. Since no one is wanting to even try and help


HAHAHAHAHA I've had well paying clients demanding less than you!! Seriously matey, go to a freelance board and pay somebody to do this for you. Stop trying to be a programmer, you're not one - you're an obnoxious, i-am-entitled-to-everything pig. Get over yourself and find another industry because this one hates you  :D


I think I am in a position to speak for PHP: "I hate you dude, stop trying to understand me, I'm well above your puny brain".

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Any errors that were 'suddenly' displayed by that code when you executed it, were things that were problems in your original posted code or are problems in the config.php code that you did not post. The errors were always present but you didn't have the error_reporting/display_errors settings set to show them.


How could you be 'programming' in php for four years and not know that you should have error_reporting/display_errors set to show you all the php detected errors to get php to help you find problems in your code? That must have been a frustrating and unproductive four years worth of coding.

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To be honest, I think he's beyond help. I can virtually hear his moronic drivel through the forum.


No way at all you have been programming for 4 years. Not possible unless by programming in php you mean:


echo "<style>.yaybox{float:left}</style>";
echo "<div class='yaybox'>float me baby</div>";
echo "<script>alert('WAIT! Stop thinking this is programming in php, you're about to waste 4 years on this crap!');</script>";

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We aren't here to provide people with fully tested, guaranteed-to-be-working code on demand. If you want that, I'd suggest you pay someone to write it for you.


Right, and that's a joke. The idea of having a forums section is to help people. Not charge them for what they may or may not need. If that's the case, Your joke is in poor taste.


Not a joke.

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