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Well the text area is quite large and big text, but I do understand some have a hard time seeing.


As a simple example place say a stained glass image for your body background in your .css file


background: #0066CC;
background-image: url('img/stainedglass.png');


and take it from there, ditch the bright blue for everything and get some soft earthly colors

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I found this to show some examples of church sites.


I do notice many try to get the warm inviting feeling.


You know....earthly like ground,clouds and nature,heavenly with clouds, soft sunsets




Just as an idea, how about the posts are bible looking paper and text, with some age to the corners or curls, an old type writing instrument at the top of the page as a separator, can go the old leather bound route too.


Here's an old paper background to get the idea



another example


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Okay before I continue any further, what do you think of this current design. It is not complete, but before I put a lot of time and effort into it I want to make sure it is worth finishing.




If it looks like a good idea so far, the content and right box will need color\graphics, do something with the navigation and change the header and footer to different color\gradient\graphic.


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I am horrible at creating websites, but I was asked to create one so here it is:




Please tell me what you think, how can I make it look more "church-e".

I want to present the best, so what do you guys think?


Sorry for being blunt, but I think it is not very good.


I am a pastor and hobbyist web designer myself. Having a great website is key for any congregation. The website will reflect upon your church. What do you want visitors of your website to feel? On the Internet, it´s not all about the awesome content of our faith. Presentation is key.


Suggestion: install WordPress on your server and use one of these themes: http://churchthemes.com (I am in no way affiliated).


Good luck and God bless.

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