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Community Answers

  1. Why did you change it to something you didn't want, when there was a message clearly indicating you can only change it once a year?
  2. I think he was referring to the new username more so than the post requirements, but even so, you'd be surprised how many people do disappear, who we thought clearly weren't going to disappear. EDIT: It's been changed; you're now Labradoodle-360
  3. Just noticed a link to a story about it on the home page at FoxNews.com, too.
  4. I am serious. I didn't know it until I saw this thread and started reading some of the reddit comments, and some other links.
  5. I didn't realize today was the international "dump GoDaddy" day . . .
  6. Are we looking at the same poll? I see Notepad++ in the lead by a long shot.
  7. Alright, I'm done messing with you. You're back to your old self . . .
  8. Sorry, did it need to be capitalized or something?
  9. Done. "Doddsey_65" --> "a bright blue one"
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