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why mysql_fetch_array into multidimensional array?


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I'm trying to pull out a list of id's into a simple array, but I seem to be getting is a multidimensional array. All I need is a simple array with the list of id's. What am I doing wrong?

//Get list of all sentence id's selected for test in database
$allSentenceQuery = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM associations WHERE validate='checked'") or die("First Query: ".mysql_error());
while ($allSentenceResult = mysql_fetch_array($allSentenceQuery)){
$allSentences[] = $allSentenceResult['id'];
//echo "allSentences: ".$allSentenceResult['id'];

And what I get:

"Array ( [0] => Array ( [1] => 2 [2] => 3 etc...."


Thanks for your help!

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What is that output the result of?


sorry, I didn't mention the other important part of the story:


I ran that array through array_diff to compare it with another array, and the output is actually the result of the arraydiff function. What I wanted to do was remove the elements from the first array that also appeared in the second array.


$rateSentences[] = array_diff($allSentences,$subjectSentences);


$subjectSentences is pulled the same way as allSentences in my first post. The output in my first post is a print_r of $rateSentences.

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