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Image Tagging


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Hi guys


I am after a tutorial/ideas for the following scenario.


I am developing a site for car traders to auction their cars, when they add their car to the auction, they need to indicate the damage on a template of a car, using a facebook style image tagger, but this will be on the same template image for each vehicle but for a different record


When people bidding on the vehicle see the image they are to be able to see the tags marked with a red X, but they can't add or remove any tags.


If I haven't expalined it clearly enough then please let me know.





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Cold, bleary-eyed, need more coffee idea...


Since you will be using a generic template, the difficulty in creating such a script might be lessened through the creation of an image map, wherein you essentially make each 'X'able area a checkbox of a form.


Obviously, the real difficulties would arise if you were to try and use the seller's actual photo and/or different images for each brand, year and model.

KISS - people appreciate it.

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