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Help with php login script


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Hey guys I recently got a drop down log in script from http://tutorialzine.com/2009/10/cool-login-system-php-jquery/

I like this log in system a lot

but I want to change up the registration process a little

I want to make it so that instead of having an email sent to you with a password that

you can not change.

I want the user to specify there own password.

basically I want to replace the email box with two password boxes the second for verifying the pass...

any help would be greatly appreciated. ;D


p.s. I also am not very knowledgeable in php or sql for that matter so please be specific about what

it is I need to do.

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I did comment on the article...

they took down my post.

I think it may be because the post is old or something.

and also I do know a bit about php and css...

but I'm not good with the sql aspect of it...

all I'm trying to do is add a password field instead of an email field...

I know how to change it so that it would take a password.

I just don't know how to make it actually go in the db.

sorry I know I must be frustrating.

but I'm just trying to figure this problem out.

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I would probably suggest keeping the email box, it is kind of important in a registration thing. But it's up to you if you remove it.


Assuming you already know how to add the text box for the input of a password (which you said in the post above this), change line 107 of demo.php from:

$pass = substr(md5($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].microtime().rand(1,100000)),0,6);


$pass = $_POST['pass'];


This is very simply grabbing the password that is posted to the form, same as the email and username are grabbed. That is all you need to change, the sql can stay as it is (I think, there is some .md5 stuff there, and I'm not familiar with it and how it operates, all I know is that it encrypts data).


Try that and see how you go.


Even though I've given the answer, I second what crabfinger said. Googling and reading for yourself will give you a much greater chance of remembering how to do something later.



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