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if help


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Thanks for the replies

Are they the same including spelling, capitalization, and white space? 'Hello World' does not equal 'Hello world', or 'Hello World ' . . .


Yup exactly the same :(

if it's an integer i am pretty sure you don't need those " " around it either.

if ($x == 1) {
  echo 'x is 1';


I wasnt sure, it works with them in!


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They can't be the same. What does var_dump($variable); return?


As far as quoting numbers, a number can also be a string. When using the == comparison, PHP's type-juggling will show 10 and "10" to be the same. If you compare them with the identical comparison === operator, it will not.


$str = '10'
if( $str == 10 ) { // returns TRUE
if( $str === 10 ) { returns FALSE

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