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  1. maybe off topic but may vertical-align: middle; help you? (or top)
  2. Oh that's awesome! thank you so much Haku! They should build you a statue Cheers!
  3. Okay let me rephrase it, what is the real difference between p.centre {} and .center p {} The rest I just found out.
  4. Hi all, i do some css, but for some reason i missed a vital part of it and maybe someone might want to help me reset my brains a bit. What i really can't see yet is what should be the order of the selectors in css. for instance i see a.fancy span{ bla: bla bla; } but somewhere else i see .fancy a span{ bla: bla bla; } and than .fancy, a, span{ bla:bla bla; } Is there maybe someone who can explain how to never do this wrong again. For some reason it's really confusing for me. So the question is really which selector goes first and when to use a comma when not :'(
  5. Thanks for sharing mate I am going to convince my host that they suck and should allow me to install it I already contacted all the big brands in virus protection and until now none of them seems to offer a remote file scanner for shared hosts ( i see some money there Anyways thx for responding and sharing. Unless anyone has some extra tips and or hints i considerig this topic solved in a way but feel free to post stuff
  6. Hmm i just read a little more and some security expert tells me that although it's theoretically possible for a jpg to contain virus information. The victim's computer still needs to be infected with a malicious .exe to extract the data from the jpg. But if someone still knows a way to do a scan on uploaded files in a shared host environment (maybe a remote scan?) I would love to hear it.
  7. Hehe, I found this out last week, a hilarious topic by myself that htmlentities was not working, and nobody understood what the f** i was talking about. Glad i could be of service
  8. I bet this is not possible with Post method ( not sure though, but i am pretty sure This might be different if you created cookies or sessions to store data, but i not not so sure.
  9. use ('/^http://'.@$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'(.+)/', because you started your regexp with ^ it expect it to end the pattern with ^ that's why people mostly use / pattern / or ~ pattern ~
  10. htmlentities doesn't remove them it converts them in to other characters. If you look in the source of this page your text is show as: Hmm, ok. But how am i able to print here on this thread > or < or " '". Shouldn't htmlentities be removing them? Or does it just remove actual html tags? See the special characters?
  11. instead of posting everything with styles and stuff could you maybe just post the stuff on the line the error is referring too?
  12. Well you could use a form of bbcode. where instead of allowing <b> </b> you allow only [b] [/b] and when you out put the form you convert [b] [/b] to <b> </b> That way you can add a save list of tags you want them to be able to use. I bet you need preg_replace() for this.
  13. ? hehe I meant nothing offensive, but i just read an article that shoppingcarts and keyboards are the most unhygienic objects on earth.
  14. I bet the answer to that is no. Just make it a best practise to sanitize everything. Even your keyboard ones in a while
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