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sql or php problem


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Hello Everyone,


First off i must point out that I am a noob when it comes to most of the coding and building of websites. I generally find things on the internet and glue them together. I am pretty unsure of alot of the terminology etc so if i have named things incorrectly I'm sorry in advance.


I have found some code on the internet to create a database table that will allow me to create a news ticker, it is being integrated into a phpbb3 Forum.


The code has been altered for my needs and integrated already into the phpbb3 installation and works perfectly except I'm struggling to make it allow me to input more than 255 characters.


I am pretty sure it is in the line of code below and the "  'text:25:100'  " part, I can not for the life of me find the correct string to replace in the  "  'text:25:100'  " bit, which I am assuming should be something on the lines of a MEDIUMTEXT or MEDIUMBLOB, I believe the code was written for mysql 4.1  It however is running on a 5.2.6 version of php.


Any help you may give me in helping me figure this out will be greatly appreciated.


'scores_ticker' => array('lang' => 'SCORES_TICKER',    'validate' => 'string',    'type' => 'text:25:100', 'explain' => false),



Should you require any more information i will try to provide it the best i can.






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Thanks for your swift response, and correction of where the post should have been,



Below the line below is what I have done to each file (part of phpbb3 ) and the database table creation, I hope this is the correct information requested.


You can see that it works on this page http://www.nethertonjfc.com/test/ Just the lack of a decent amount of characters is stopping it being useful lol.






INSERT INTO njfc_phpbb3_config (config_name, config_value) VALUES('scores_ticker', 'This is the Results and Scores Ticker.');

INSERT INTO njfc_phpbb3_config (config_name, config_value) VALUES('forum_color', 'FFFFFF');





//Scores Ticker Mod

'scores_ticker' => array('lang' => 'SCORES_TICKER',    'validate' => 'string',    'type' => 'text:25:100', 'explain' => false),

'forum_color' => array('lang' => 'FORUM_COLOR',    'validate' => 'string',    'type' => 'text:6:6', 'explain' => false), 

//End Scores Ticker Mod




// Scores Ticker Mod

'SCORES_TICKER' => $config['scores_ticker'],

'FORUM_COLOR' => $config['forum_color'],

//End Scores Ticker Mod





'SCORES_TICKER' => 'Scores Ticker',

'FORUM_COLOR' => 'Scores Ticker Color (Hex)',




//HTML for page ticker is going on


<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" width="100%" scrollamount="3">

<font color="#{FORUM_COLOR}">{SCORES_TICKER} &nbsp</font>


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Yes the field type in the database is varchar255, because it is part of the phpbb3 software i don't want to change it,


I now see this is causing the problem, I will have to figure out how to make a new entry in the database  and call it a different name i suppose, and then figure out how to integrate it into the phpbb3 software.


Thanks for your help, i may be back if i cant figure out how to make my own entry into the database lol.


Thanks Again



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