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multi curl optimized for speed


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Iv'e been looking in to methods of scraping data from pages and has found several examples of using multi-curl to achieve this. But i am not used to curl and is not completely sure how it works and i need to find the fastest reliable (i do need all, or close to all, pages every run) method of getting the content of a number of pages (about 160).


Here is an example i got from searching the web which i managed to implement:

*@param $picsArr Array [0]=> [url], 
*@$picsArr Array will filled with the image data , you can use the data as you want or just save it in the next step. 

function getAllPics(&$picsArr){ 

        if(count($picsArr)<=0) return false; 

        $hArr = array();//handle array 

        foreach($picsArr as $k=>$pic){ 

                $h = curl_init(); 
                curl_setopt($h,CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,1);//return the image value 


        $mh = curl_multi_init(); 
        foreach($hArr as $k => $h)      curl_multi_add_handle($mh,$h); 

        $running = null; 
        }while($running > 0); 

        // get the result and save it in the result ARRAY 
        foreach($hArr as $k => $h){ 
                $picsArr[$k]['data'] = curl_multi_getcontent($h); 

        //close all the connections 
        foreach($hArr as $k => $h){ 
                $info = curl_getinfo($h); 
                echo $tail = $matches[1]; 

        return true; 


Since time is critical in my script i would ask if you think this is a good implementation or if you can point me in the direction of one that will save me noticeable run-time.

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Im trying to get all the pages contents in a as short time as possible. As i understand it using multi-curl allows me to get all the pages in parallell instead of one after the other, thus reducing latency wait times. (im pretty sure file_get_contents for each would take longer, unless maybe used with threads somehow)


Im only asking if anyone is familiar with these things and know of a still faster way since a low execution time is important in my program.

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