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- PHP within HTML writing to a .txt file -


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Hello all, I am very new to HTML and PHP coding so could you please bear with me.


All I am trying to do is write a string to a text file, and I have tried many examples. Alot of them seem to be similar to this code and it doesn't seem to want to work...



<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

function WriteFile()
   var fso  = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
   var fh = fso.CreateTextFile("c:\\MyFile.txt", true);
   fh.WriteLine("Some text goes here...");


<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">  WriteFile(); </SCRIPT>


What I do is I put this code in Notepad, save it has hello.html and I then open it in firefox. I then check the file and its still empty, then I open in it Internet Explorer and the same thing happens.


Any help appreciated.

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If you only need to write to a file, and server side scripting will fit the bill then below I've written a simple piece of php to write to a file.


(Tried to keep it as simple as I could....hope that you can understand it.)


function writetofile($string,$name,$exists=false){
        //if exists = false then it does not matter if it already exists.
        //if true and the file exists it will return false
        $fixed_extension = ''; //If you want to only allow .txt or lets say .csv to be written then change this and it will be glued as the extension.
        if($exists === true){
            if(file_exists($name . $fixed_extension) === true){
               return false;     
        file_put_contents($name . $fixed_extension,$string);   
        return true;    

if(writetofile('Written at: ' . mktime(),"helloworld.html") === true){
    echo 'Written to file.';   
} else {
    echo 'File exists or there are limitations on the server.';   


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Thanks for the example :). Sadly PHP doesn't seem to work on my system. I have tried PHP on google chrome, Firefox and IE with no luck. Is there a program I need to download for my system to run PHP ?


Im running WIN 7, 32 BIT


I have this simple test code

echo "hello";


I save that in notepad and a .php file and try run it with no luck.




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