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Invoking javascript over AJAX from within a PHP script. Is it possible?

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Building an internet based database containing electoral roll info. Particulars: Database mySQL, PHP4 on server, HTML and CSS on client. The question relates to displaying user messages. Validating input done by the usual JS which checks if all fields are empty and if so switches CSS properties to display a message.  Know it is possible to populate refresh content on webpage remotely using AJAX though granted this requires the click of a button.

Want to use same mechanism to inform user if search unsuccessful without having to load a different page or reload the same one. Need to pass the field values to the server to complete the query using GET or post but could also use AJAX. Won't know if search fails until I test the number of rows returns from SQL query. Is it possible to invoke a javascript function over AJAX from within a PHP script?

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....... The thread right under this one is the SAME QUESTION.  Thread closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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