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Problem with email message body


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Cunoodle2 - I think your posting your reply in the wrong thread, teitoklein1 hasn't posted any code.



teitoklein1, you really need to post the code so we can help you with your issue. But from the sound of it you need to use the echo function to output the variable. But without seeing your code there is not much that can be done

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ahhhh . im sorry im new in this forum. ha ha ! BTW I already solved it . thanks for the replies. just a noob mistake from me.

No problem.  In the future just post your code and we will be able to quickly help you.  Also there should be a "SOLVED" button when you view this thread.  Please hit that so that the topic is marked as "solved" to prevent other people from trying to come back in there to help.
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