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Running a query


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Hey Guys,


I have a DB with two tables, one is field names, the other is the data.


So for example, I log in and I am user ID 1..... I need to query the DB to show all fields where user_id = 1


Field1 - Data1

Field2 - Data2


etc etc...


This is what I have so far, but I dont get any output...


    $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".WPSC_TABLE_DATA." WHERE `user_id` == .$cu. ORDER BY id DESC";
    $user= $wpdb->get_row($sql);

	while($user) {
	echo $user->name .' : '. $user->value .'<br />';

Can you help please?

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I've been playing and have written this:


$sql = "SELECT data.USER_ID, data.VALUE AS value, fields.NAME AS name FROM wordpdem_cimy_uef_data AS data INNER JOIN wordpdem_cimy_uef_fields AS fields ON ( fields.ID = data.ID ) WHERE data.USER_ID = '1' ORDER BY data.ID DESC


I echo it and it shows, and then I ran a test on it directly in SQL, which shows no rows found, however there are 5 rows with user_id of 1....


Any clues?

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Ah yes it is a wordpress plugin, but as its a php prob I thought I would ask here :)


Its the table name:


// Define the database table names
define('WPSC_TABLE_DATA', "{$wp_table_prefix}cimy_uef_data");
define('WPSC_TABLE_FIELDS', "{$wp_table_prefix}cimy_uef_fields");

If I run it with the user ID of 4 then it works, however 1 and 5 dont (I only have the 3 users registered...


How come I only get the 4th user?

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My tables are:



ID  NAME          LABEL

1    ADDRESS    add

2    ADDRESS2  add2

3    TOWN          town




1          4              1                Test home address

2          4              3                York

3          1              2                Second Home Address

4          1              3                  Fife

5          2              3                  Yarmouth


So if I search for User ID 1 then I should get 2 results....

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