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[SOLVED] After calling fetchInto once, it doesn't work for the second query! help!

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I've been working on this code for my site, the intention of which is to select a given number of quotes from a database at random and display them. I can select the whole database fine, but I'd kind of like to have the "quote of the day" (or 3 or so). Any thoughts on accomplishing this? I've written this much so far:

                $dsn = 'mysql://user:pass@localhost/quotes';
                $db =& DB::Connect( $dsn );
                if (PEAR::isError($db)) {die($db->getMessage());}

                $res = $db->query( "SELECT count(id) FROM quotes", array());

                $row = array(null);
                if( $res != null )

                echo "$row[0]"."<br />"; //Added for troubleshooting
                $total = $row[0];

                $nodisplay = 8;


                for($i=0; $i<$nodisplay; $i++)
                        $ids[]=rand(0, $total);
                        echo "$ids[$i]"."<br />"; //Added for troubleshooting

                $resdis = $db->query( "SELECT quote, author FROM quotes WHERE id=?", $ids);

                $eye = "<table class='quotetable' width='100%'>\n";

                if( $resdis != null )
                        while($resdis->fetchInto($morerow)) // Line 40
                        $eye.="<tr>\n<td align='right'>--";

                echo $eye;

When I run this I get this output:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::fetchInto() in /public_html/randtest.php on line 40[/code]

What am I missing? FetchInto worked fine the first time, can I not call it twice in the same script?

Thanks in advance for the help!

(By the by, if any one has any better ideas on how to display a "quote of the day" (or 3) chosen at random from the database, please share.)

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$morerow is (read: should be) an array containing the quote and author from the database. I didn't define it explicitly, but I tried it with:
[code]$morerow = array(null);[/code]
Right before line 40. Same error though. Does it have anything to do with the result object? I did a little snooping around pear.php.net, seems there's some functions to clear result and query (or prepare rather) objects.

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Ok. I did some tinkering. And got it working. Anyone have any ideas on randomly selecting a quote of the day that is static throughout the day?

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