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call_user_func_array alternative?

Brian W

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Is there a call_user_func_array() alternative other than eval()? With the shear genius of some of the individuals on this forum, I'd expect that if there is an alternative, someone here would know it. Any tips or insight greatly appreciated. Thanks


Background (blah blah blah)

I'm being kinda picky on efficiency and performance since I will be looking at possible hundreds of executions a request... so I'd like to avoid using the above mentioned functions since they take ~3x and ~10x longer (according to a this comment).

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AbraCadaver, I of course realize I could call the function directly and that would be faster. This issue I have is that I am working with mysqli_stmt::bind_param( string $types , mixed &$var1 [, mixed &$... ] ) which accepts basically limitless params. There are solutions to doing this dynamically, but they all utilize the call_user_func_array which like I said is less than desirable. I don't want to waist too much time spinning my wheels on alternatives, but then again I'm not stuck until I get it done or anything so I'm willing to take some time finding the best solution.

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