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one of the issues I had with the other site was sending an unreal amount of time in fireworks, firstly attempting to learn how to use then and then trying to create something (this was before the graphic dude agreed to help me)  now that the name will change we have no idea what it's going to be so....for a five minute fix....I reckon it's kinda ok, just as a temporary measure.  If it stops me spending hours trying to do somehting I don't a have a clue about and allows me to focus on the site - job done.  Althoguh, to use in the final product would be weak.

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Don't suppose you're a whiz at programming in Pascal by any chance :)


What do you need Pascal for? I learnt it at college, but that's virtually all it's used for these days - to teach. I know there are some big Pascal fans out there still, but can't imagine what you'd need it for?

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We're leanring JScript next year but in the meantime we're studying pascal.  It's an introduction to programming I guess.  The degree that I'm doing includes a year of 'everything' and this was thrown in.


What I'm doing at the moment is a date validation program.


As for fans, I'm not a mega fan but I do liek the way its structured.  Out of the course we've done so far I've only dropped 8 out of 600 marks and am looking for this final piece of work to be the pièce de résistance.

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