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Guidelines and FAQ


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What this board is for


If you have some code you are wanting people to debug, or a website you are working on that you want people to 'beta test,' post the code/link here.


The idea of this forum is that you have finished your code, and now you wish for people to test it for weak spots, logic problems, etc.. While you can of course expect feedback from your testers, if you need more help fixing your code, use the Help forums. This forum is for testing and testing feedback ONLY.


This is NOT a "rate my script/site" forum. Please go to the critique forum for that. Try to give a good description of what your code is supposed to be doing.  We can do little more than find syntax errors if we don't know what it's supposed to be doing.



Your topic doesn't show?


All new topics are moderated, meaning that they will not show up until a staff member approves it. Read the rules for posting in this forum and follow the directions.



Some advice to be cautious


Be very careful on what kind of info you post, especially when it comes to posting links to your site.  Posts of this nature are often times aliases of "please try to hack my site and tell me if you do, and how, so I can fix it."  We cannot and will not be held liable for any kind of damage or loss that results from you posting any of your stuff here (or anywhere else on the site, for that matter).  Not everybody out there is honest. Someone out there may read your post, go to your script, find a security hole and exploit it without telling you, all the while giving you the thumbs up.



Rules Regarding "Exploit Scanners"


Use of exploit scanners can be an effective way to discover exploits on a website, so we have no intention of banning posting scanner results. But these scanners can also return bogus results.


Secondly: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


As of now, posting scanner results is only allowed under the following conditions:


1) You must share the name and how to get the scanner

2) You absolutely MUST explain every item in the result (why is this a risk, not just because the scanner says so)


As with all forum rules, ignoring these could lead to moderation action. Ignorance of these rules is not a defense.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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