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I have index.php and pictures.php.

In index.php I have 3 columns:

- left (for menu)

- right (for advertising)

- center (where I want to include pictures.php)


What is the best way to include pictures.php in center of index.php


include ("pictures.php");


I ask this because I have multiple variable like "pictures" and I will have multiple "If".


Or to include in DB all this variables "pictures" and just add ".php" extension. It is secure in this way ?




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I'm guessing the case is that you need a dynamic way of including files, so that you don't end up with a lot of conditionals. If that's the case, you can use a whitelist approach:


index.php?include=pictures | index.php?include=gallery (just examples)

if (isset($_GET['include'])) {
     $include = $_GET['include'];
     $whitelist = array('pictures', 'gallery', 'form', 'users');
     if (in_array($include, $whitelist)) {
          include($include . '.php');


Hope it helps.

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@GuiltyGear you have lost me on this one. What is a whitelist approach? And could you please explain your example? Thank You.


The example I gave is just a simple "whitelist approach" (I named it lol). In this case, there is a specific number of pages that are going to be included and that is going to happen dynamically (via url variables for example). What happens if a visitor modifies the url or the script gives an incorrect url? The include will fail and show an error because the file doesn't exist! That's why I created an array that holds all the pages that are safe to be included (whitelist), so when a new variable comes in, it is checked if it exists in the whitelist first. In simple words, it includes only a bunch of pages, discarding all the others. Simple as that!


NOTE: in_array() is a function that returns true if a value exists in the array. In our case, it checks if the url variable (from $_GET) exists in the array $whitelist.

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