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Hi all,


I'm struggling with a program I'm trying to write with cookies, so any help would be very much appreciated!!


What I'm wanting to do is when someone visits my site, I want to display content until the end of the day, and once the days up it disappears forever/until the cookies are deleted.


Could someone help me with this?


Thanks lots in advance,



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You may want something like this:


$midnighthour = "23";
$midnightmin = "59";
$hour = date("G");
$hoursminutes = $hour*60;
$minutes = date("i");
$minutesfrommidnighta = $hoursminutes+$minutes;
$minutesfrommidnightb = 1440-$minutesfrommidnighta;

$username = $_GET['username'];

$getcookie = $_COOKIE['user'];
if($getcookie==0) {
$createcookie = setcookie("user",$username,time()+$minutesfrommidnightb);
else {
if($getcookie==$username) {
// the code you want to execute if the user cookie is there
else {
// the code you want to execute if the user cookie does not exist.

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I only want certain content to appear on a page until midnight the first time they visit, after that it never appears again until the cookie is deleted.



You could create a cookie that stores the timestamp of their first visit. Using PHP, you could then compare the cookie timestamp to your midnight deadline. If the cookie timestamp is less than the midnight deadline timestamp, show them the data.


mktime() could be used to create the midnight deadline timestamp:



time() could be used to get the initial timestamp of the cookie:



setcookie() could be used to create the cookie:



$_COOKIE could be used to read the cookie:



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