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Display.php out of memory


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this is where i get the problem i think,

    692: p.question, p.voting_locked, p.hide_results, p.expire_time, p.max_votes, p.change_vote,
    693: p.guest_vote, p.id_member, IFNULL(mem.real_name, p.poster_name) AS poster_name
    694: FROM {db_prefix}polls AS p
    695: LEFT JOIN {db_prefix}members AS mem ON (mem.id_member = p.id_member)
    696: WHERE p.id_poll = {int:id_poll}
    697: LIMIT 1',
    698: array(
    699: 'id_poll' => $topicinfo['id_poll'],
    700: )
    701: );
    702: $pollinfo = $smcFunc['db_fetch_assoc']($request);
    703: $smcFunc['db_free_result']($request);
    705: $request = $smcFunc['db_query']('', '
    706: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT id_member) AS total
    707: FROM {db_prefix}log_polls
    708: WHERE id_poll = {int:id_poll}',
    709: array(
    710: 'id_poll' => $topicinfo['id_poll'],
    711: )
==>712: 	);
    713: list ($pollinfo['total']) = $smcFunc['db_fetch_row']($request);
    714: $smcFunc['db_free_result']($request);
    716: // Get all the options, and calculate the total votes.
    717: $request = $smcFunc['db_query']('', '
    718: SELECT pc.id_choice, pc.label, pc.votes, IFNULL(lp.id_choice, -1) AS voted_this
    719: FROM {db_prefix}poll_choices AS pc
    720: LEFT JOIN {db_prefix}log_polls AS lp ON (lp.id_choice = pc.id_choice AND lp.id_poll = {int:id_poll} AND  lp.id_member = {int:current_member})
    721: WHERE pc.id_poll = {int:id_poll}',
    722: array(
    723: 'current_member' => $user_info['id'],
    724: 'id_poll' => $topicinfo['id_poll'],
    725: )
    726: );
    727: $pollOptions = array();
    728: $realtotal = 0;
    729: $pollinfo['has_voted'] = false;
    730: while ($row = $smcFunc['db_fetch_assoc']($request))
    731: {
    732: censorText($row['label']);




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Try going into your php.ini file (PHP configuration) and find the line memory_limit and try to raise it to maybe 15M or something? Something a bit higher then whatever the default value may be. I noticed this is a SMF related file so it's safe to assume that this is just a PHP configuration thing that needs to be bumped up a bit more.

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make a simple script that has:



Navigate to this page, and look at the output,  It will tell you the settings you have as well as the location of configuration files, extenstions loaded, etc. etc.

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You need to reference the ini file, open it with a text editor, find the line


memory_limit =


And increase that.  You got an out of memory limit at only 8 mb, so the limit must be unusually low.  Try bumping it up to 32m.  Whenever you make changes to the ini file, you need to restart apache, and you should probably check the phpinfo to be sure that your change is reflected in the configuration screen.

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