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Inserting array of data into database


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I am setting up a PHP & MySql shopping cart.


When a user adds products they are stored as sessions.


The cart displays the products in an array:


foreach($_SESSION as $product => $quantity)


So the product is the product_id, and the quantity is the quantity of that product which has been added.


When getting the information from the database to display it, it reads like this


1-----2 (product_id = 1, quantity = 2)

2-----1 (product_id = 2, quantity = 1)

3-----3 (product_id = 3, quantity = 3)

11---12 (product_id = 11, quantity = 12)

4-----1 (product_id = 4, quantity = 1)


I'm basically trying to insert the product_id and quantity into a table called cart.


I've been stuck for days and can still only manage to insert 1 row of values 


Searching around I saw that some people inserted arrays using implode or explode functions first, but I'm not sure how that would work in this case


Any ideas?

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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for or not but I have always input data from an array using the following code:




$product_id= $_POST['product_id'];

$quantity= $_POST['quantity'];


for($i = 0; $i < count($product_id); $i++) {

if($product_id[$i]) {

// <-- QUERY HERE -->






If you can provide me with some more information on your problem I may be able to help further if this doesn't help you.




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foreach($_SESSION as $product => $quantity)
INSERT INTO table1 (product_id, quantity) VALUES ('$product', '$quantity') .......


looks like the session is holding a key-pair array of data, so a simple foreach loop will extract what you need

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Thanks for the help.


I did figure it out, and think I deserve a slap in the face for why i couldn't get it to work...



The foreach loop worked.


But for some reason it just wouldn't insert any of the data into the table until I created an auto incrementing column.



That's about 3 days work to figure that out haha


Thanks again!

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