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Simple array problem?


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I'm trying to learn arrays and I have this problem:


I have a variable $a which is a result from a  from a database query


If I echo it I get:


If I var_dump($a) I get:

string( "forename" string(7) "surname" string(13) "date_of_birth" string(6) "gender" string(14) "paypal_address" string(12) "payment_plan" string(14) "address_line_1" string(14) "address_line_2" string(12) "address_city" string(21) "address_zip_post_code" string(15) "address_country" string(9) "telephone" string(6) "mobile" string(18) "where_did_you_hear" string(18) "receive_newsletter" 


My question is, how do I get each value from a? It looks like an array to me because it holds multiple strings. I need to get the first, second and third elements printed on the page and used in other areas of my program.


Thanks in advance

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