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Web address, domain name auto-redirect confusion

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Can anyone tell me what may have been changed to cause this behaviour.

Our website http://www.nematodes.org/ has until recently worked with http://www.nematodes.org/ displayed in the address bar of any browser used to view it.  Now for some reason if you go to this address you are redirected to http://Machine_domain_name.ac.uk/.  This is exactly the same site but the CSS and images don't work because they're referenced as www.nematodes.org and not the machine name, which they should be to make the site portable.  I don't understand why the browsers are changing the address, I certainly haven't set-up a redirection.

Anyone got any ideas what may I have done to cause this behaviour?  I don't get any messages in the error logs, not even 'image does not exist'.
(NOTE the CSS is currently there because I have hard coded the machine name in the script)


Our server...
Fedora core 4

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Hm! we now think this is an issue with the people who supply the nematodes.org address so we'll take it up with them.

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I would agree with that idea.  Good luck and post again if that doesn't resolve it.

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