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Thumbnail Image Philosophy

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Greetings all. First, I'm a newbie in the process of building a site for my who handcrafts fused glass jewelry. The site will be a commerce site with thumbnails by category which leads to an items detailed page for purchase.

I've tackled much of the core functionality, but need much polishing and some tweaking. After much searching I finally found a script that I was able to understand and use which converts an image to a thumbnail (by percentage). Both the current and new image name are required in the script.

Here's my questions:

- Is it wise to convert the images to thumbnails on the fly?
- What does the program do if the image is already converted? Redo it.
- Does it make sense to run the program each time the page is queried?
- Does it make sense to modify the script to batch a directory of images and just run through the process when new images are created?
- Is it best to have the image previously converted when building a page by query?

More questions pending, want to get the pros & cons on the approach.

Skor  ::)

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1. Yes - it saves you teh job of creating thumbnails your self.

2. depends on the script - it may fail with a warning or may overwrite the onld thubmnail.

3. NO - thumbnails should be created when the image is initially uploaded - then teh script only runs once.

4. Yes.

5. Depneds on yoru goal but normally yes.

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