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OOP if or statement


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Hi Guys


I've absolutely no knowledge of OOP and I've inherited a huge site built with OOP.  I can convert some of it, to variables I understand and can use, and have a vague understanding of the predefined functions.  However I an struggling to put a simple if/or statement together.




works fine, but when I try to do it as an if / or it fails.


if(user_has_role_assignment($USER->id,1)) || ($USER->id,36))  {


Any ideas?


Sorry, I don't have any errors as another part of the site turns off the error reporting and I can't for the life of me turn it back on with error_reporting(E_ALL) in the page;

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If-conditional statements work exactly the same in OOP as they do 'normally'.  You need to check the entire thing twice, like so:


if(user_has_role_assignment($USER->id, 1) || user_has_role_assignment($USER->id, 36))
   // do stuff

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