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If statement not working


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So the issue I'm having here is that when champion_id, contender1_id, contender2_id, and contender3_id  values are 0 then it DOES NOT echo Vacant and TBD as it should be, however when they are values other than 0 then it does correctly show the person's name. What am I doing wrong for it to not display the Vacant or TBD?


$query = "SELECT 
    title_champions.champion_id AS champion_id,
    title_champions.contender1_id AS contender1_id,
    title_champions.contender2_id AS contender2_id,
    title_champions.contender3_id AS contender3_id,
    champion.character_name AS champion,
    contender1.character_name AS contender1,
    contender2.character_name AS contender2,
    contender3.character_name AS contender3
     LEFT JOIN titles 
          ON title_champions.title_id = titles.id
     LEFT JOIN characters AS champion
          ON title_champions.champion_id = champion.id
     LEFT JOIN characters AS contender1
          ON title_champions.contender1_id = contender1.id
     LEFT JOIN characters AS contender2
          ON title_champions.contender2_id = contender2.id
     LEFT JOIN characters AS contender3
          ON title_champions.contender3_id = contender3.id
$result = mysqli_query ( $dbc, $query ); // Run The Query


            while ( $row = mysqli_fetch_array ( $result, MYSQL_ASSOC ) ) {
			echo '<tr><td>' . $row['title_name'] . '</td><td>';
				if($row['champion_id'] !== 0){echo $row['champion'];}else{echo "Vacant";}
			echo '</td><td>';
				if($row['contender1_id'] !== 0){echo $row['contender1'];}else{echo "TBD";}
			echo '</td><td>';
				if($row['contender2_id'] !== 0){echo $row['contender2'];}else{echo "TBD";}
			echo '</td><td>';
				if($row['contender3_id'] !== 0){echo $row['contender3'];}else{echo "TBD";}
			echo '</td><td style="text-align:center;"><img src="img/notepad.png" class="edit" rel="' . $row['id'] . '"/></td></tr>';

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I placed the following right inside the while loop and nothing echos out. I don't know why because I double checked many times all values are 0 inside of the database.


echo $row['champion_id'];
                echo $row['contender1_id'];
                echo $row['contender2_id'];
                echo $row['contender3_id'];

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okay so now you know your problem...i've had issues in the past with default values in tables not appearing...you can change the field to a varchar and manually enter in a 0. but other than that im not sure what causes that to happen

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Just wanted to say that the issue was fixed. When I did a var_dump it showed that those variables where strings even though te db field type were integers and originally had if($row['champion_id'] !== 0") so I had to change it to this if($row['champion_id'] !== "0").

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