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Browser Compatibilty

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I am a student of BS and developing a web page as a semester assignment in PHP+JavaSCript
My assignment is to protect the publish content i.e. not allow the user to copy/print/save/save as of the text page.
So far, i have done with the following
1- disable the right click event on Internet Explorer6.0 to avoid the following
a- Select all
b- print
c- copy
2- Disable all the menu so that a user cannot do the following
a- File->Save
b- File->Save as
c- File->Print
d- View->Source(Possibly to avoid the copy of the content by viewing the HTML source code)

All of the above have been done by using JavaScript.

Now here comes my pain ---->
When i start testing the code, it works fine with Internet Explorer 6.0 but when i test it with Mozilla FireFox, the

javascript doesn't work. What i want is to make it to all web browser compatible. or is there any other technique to do the

same work  in a good way

Any helping material in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Thanking in advance.


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There is no way to do this at all... any attempts to protect anything shown in the browser are a waste of time.  I hope this isn't a university-level course.  If the browser can display it, the user can get to it.

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