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insert statement based off of select statement results??

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Hi, I'm trying to grab the results of a select statement and only if the result is equal to a certain string use an insert to add to a different table.  I looks like my select is okay - but now I'm wondering how I can run the insert... here is my code:
$a = mysql_query("select * from orders_products as op, customers as c where op.orders_id = '000099' and op.products_id = '29' and c.customers_id = '14'");
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($a)){
$id = $row['products_model'];
$email = $row['customers_email_address'];
$custid = $row['customers_id'];
if ($id == 'CBT-0100'){
echo 'Now run the insert query using $email, $custid, and $id';
$z = mysql_query("insert into students (students_id, customers_id, students_pmodel, students_email, students_mod1, students_mod2, students_mod3, students_manual, students_cert) values ('', '$custid', '$id', '$email', '', '', '', '', ''");
echo 'something here';

Desperately need help with this - project is due today and this is the last piece that I need to lauch!  Thanks! :)

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I'm not sure I understand what the problem is... though why not do this with an INSERT INTO... SELECT WHERE?

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Not sure - just that I need the "if" in there to make sure that the order contains that specific product model.

So, I first need to pull the order information and then select the model number purchased.  Only if the model number purchased is equal to a specific string, then insert into the students table. 

I'll look into doing an INSERT INTO .... SELECT though - thanks! :)

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