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img src tag syntax


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i am using "jpowered garphs" to plot graph using values from database...


the following script (taken from site) is used calling the required files... but the syntax used s not familiar to us..







height="400" />


this does not display the graph


what do the ? and & (in red) indicate??


i have interpreted this script as


<img src="http://www.icyourheart.webuda.com/jpowered/graph/line-graph.php"




height=400 />

it displays the img of "http://www.icyourheart.webuda.com/jpowered/graph/line-graph.php" but next lines are not called (i.e

dbinfo="public_html/graphtest/dbinfo.php" and  config="http://icyourheart.webuda.com/graphtest/config.htm"


plz help

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the image tag is using a $_GET paramater to return the image. because web pages are stateless( the next page does not know the state of the last page) you have to pass variables from page to page to keep a constant state.

using $_GET in php is one method of doing this. It is basically concatenating the variables into the url so that it can be re interpreted by the target url. So basically your script is passing data to  linegraph.php. the ? tells it that you are passing $_GET paramaeters and the & is used to seperate each variable. i.e:


<?php  www.mysite.com/page.php?var1=something&var2=somethingelse ?>

and when the other page usese the get function they can re assign the variables:


$var1 = $_GET['var1'];
$var2 = $_GET['var2'];

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paste the


directly into your browsers address bar.

If you graphs are working correctly then you will see a blank page with a graph on it. what happens when you do this?

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