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New and need php help...pleez!


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We are using the php style forum and need some help setting things up.  We wanted to preload avators and give users the ability to use those...but not be able to use their own...question 1) how do I upload the ones we've chosen 2) how do I make it where users can only use what we've uploaded rather than risking them uploading their own and offending someone else on the board?  Please help...thank you.
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i'll move this over to the third party scripts area since that will get you more appropriate help for your script. to answer your question: your setup depends on what forum software you're using: PHPBB, SMF, IPB, etc.

as for not offending other users, most boards have an option in the admin panel where you can turn off all file uploads.

if you can give us more information as to what software you're using, we might be able to walk you through the steps.
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Awesome...thank you so much.  We're using phpbb.  I see in the admin panel where we can turn off the file uploads...so that takes care of that question.  Now if you can tell me how to preload the avatars we will let the users select from to use...that would really be helpful. 
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ok, here's what i was able to find on [url=http://www.phpbb.com/support/documents.php?mode=faq]their FAQ page[/url]. hope it helps:
Local avatars allow you to upload your own avatars to a set directory, users can then pick from this avatar gallery. The default location for this is images/avatars/gallery. PLEASE NOTE that avatars are categorised according to sub-folders in this location! ie. you MUST place your avatars in subdirectories, eg. images/avatars/gallery/cartoons, images/avatars/gallery/real-life, etc.
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