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Deleting an image from a directory folder?

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Hey Guys,

Ok . . I finally got saving a image to a file on the server, storing the path in the table and calling the path to display the image on the web page, sorted out!

Thats all good and well . . . but how do I go about deleting the image from the folder in an application? Sure the image path from the database can be deleted easy . . but how do you get it to effect the folder on the server that holds the image?

EG: If a user click delete image . . it deletes the path in the database and the file in the directory?

Thanks in advance!

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The file you want to delete must have specific permissions on it. The web server (apache, etc) must have permission to delete that file...

try this on the file (in your linux console) before you attempt to unlink / delete it

chmod 755 {file_name}
chown www-data:www-data {file_name}


chmod 755 {file_name}
chown www:www {file_name}

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