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Running a C program from PHP

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Hi all
We need to compile a C program from PHP environment
and to execute the object file of the program.
  We used PHP system commands writing system('cc
programname.c -o objectfile') and
system('./objectfile').It works for small program(we
checked) but
in our application it was able to compile but failed
to run the objectfile.The object file when executed
should give a large(23 MB) binary file.The program is
working properly from the terminal provided we write
the command ' limit stacksize unlimited' before
running the program.The same command 'limit stacksize
unlimited' we tested in PHP but we did not get the
Is it feasible in PHP or we r wrong somewhere? Can u
all please help??
                  Basab Goswami

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Running commands through system is the same as running them in the terminal/commandline. You must however note that the commands will be run by the user the webserver (eg Apache) uses and not your user.

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You might try

[code]system('limit stacksize unlimited; ./objectfile');[/code]

The reason being that the limit is probably reset between system() calls, since system() is opening a new shell each time.

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