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Calculating total ~FORMS~

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I’m in the middle of making a website which will be quoting people on the subject of custom made computers, and after researching other sites on the internet I have noticed a lot of these sites use the technique which Apple use for customizing Mac's.


[apple site]


Using drop down box's in forms for the user to select different components, when all of the components have been chosen the user hits submit and a total of all the items is shown.


I do not need e-commerce or shopping basket as I will not be taking orders over the internet this is just a quote of how much things would cost. The VAT feature would be a bonus however it wouldn't be crucial as I could include this in the price of each component.


I’m not even sure if this would require PHP but id appreciate it if someone could guide me to somewhere which could help me, or any information that would be helpful to me.


I am working in Dreamweaver MX 2004 so if there is an easy way to do this it would be great! I'v worked with email forms before however that's as far as my experience goes with them!


Thank you





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what exactly do u need? a script to send you e-mails or the full code for how to make the dropdowns and calculate and send the data etc.?

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