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Not exactly sure if this is a server question and am not sure as to where to look for the answer.

I have a php program loaded on an apache server.  The purpose of program is to serve as the target for information transmitted to the server by means of an html form.

The script recovers the data processes it and then posts the information into a database.

My question is, if I have multiple users who could submit a response at or about the same time will multiple instances of the php program open and do the processing independantly or do I have to so dome server side tap dancing to make this scheme work.  If the later is true could someone point me to some reference material I could read up on.

Thank you.


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This sounds like more of a general web computing question for me. The short answer is no: you don't have to do any tap dancing here. Your PHP and your database will process requests in the order they come in even if things are submitted "simultaneously." Different OS's allocate system resources differently, but the only real barrier to how many simultaneous connections your server can handle will be hardware performance.

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