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Question Regarding Client/Server


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I have a client and a server solution setup at the moment. We are currently creating an API that will be run on the clients end that will allow their clients to connect to them. On our end, we want to log the number of attempts are API is being used so that we may charge the clients appropriately.


My question is this. How is the most efficient way of doing this? Do I call mysql_connect from the client and just shoot the insert log statements across the web. Should I create a php script on our end that looks for post/get input and takes the data and inserts it? What if the client can't connect to our server; should I cache the data and send it off all at once? Should I create a job that every hour shoots up x records API requests happened?


Relatively confused at what angle I should be taking when approaching this. I want this to be scalable to a point where we can have thousands of requests an hour, and not horribly slow down apache/mysql running at either end (Specially if the server is talking with several clients).

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