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Help needed to change font color based on the value from the database in php


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Hi php freaks i am new to php  im doin a small project to handle tickets created by customers now i want to change the font color based on the status for




ID                +                    Name                  +                          Product              +                  Status


1111            +                  abcdef                  +                      bat                        +            processing



i can connect to database and fetch it the only place i need help is changing the any help would be very helpful

thanks in advance



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well what criteria are you using for deciding what color to use? Whatever it is, changing to font color is simple enough. You can change the font color of an html element by using the color style as part of the style html tag attribute. So for example, if I wanted to change the color of a p tag to yellow or something, I would write

<p style="color:yellow">some text blah blah</p>


I don't know how your html is set up, or what criteria the database information must meet to be a certain color, but the above may get you started. If you could post a few more details I can help further

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This is my HTML Coding thanks for your help people

if ($result) { 

echo '<table id="ticket">
<th align="left"><b>Ticket No:</b></th>
<th align="left"><b>Name:</b></th>
<th align="left"><b>Issue:</b></th>
<th align="left"><b>Status:</b></th>
<th align="left"><b>view</b></th></tr>';

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
echo '<tr><td align="left">' . $row['id'] . '</td>
<td align="left">' . $row['name'] . '</td>
<td align="left">' . $row['product'] . '</td>
<td align="left">' . $row['status'] . '</td>
<td align="left"><a href="completeview.php?id=' . $row['id'] . '">View</a></td></tr>';

} else {
echo "Oops! No data found";
echo '</table>';


Queued       :Red
Processing   :Amber
Packed         :Pale green
Shipped        : Green
Returned      : Grey

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