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Help with dropdowns

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Hope someone can help me...

I have an insert form where several of the dropdown menus have values which are generated by pulling file contents (images) in to an array:

//Looks into the directory and returns the files, no subdirectories
    echo "<select name='Photo1'>";
echo "<option value='NA'>NA</option>";
//The path to the style directory
    $dirpath = "../images/properties/";
    $dh = opendir($dirpath);
      while (false !== ($file = readdir($dh))) {
//Don't list subdirectories
          if (!is_dir("$dirpath/$file")) {
//Truncate the file extension and capitalize the first letter
          echo "<option value='$file'>$file</option>";
//Close Select
echo "</select>";
I'm now building an edit page and I need to set the value of the dropdown according to whats in the database, the code for which would be this:

<?php if (!(strcmp(0, $row_RS_Listing['Photo1']))) {echo "SELECTED";} ?>
can anyone tell me how to incorporate these 2 snippets?


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echo "<option value='".$row_RS_Listing['Photo1']."'";
if (!(strcmp(0, $row_RS_Listing['Photo1']))) {echo " SELECTED";}
echo ">".$row_RS_Listing['Photo1']."</option>";

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