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OOP: Html forms?


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Is it worthwhile to create an object to generate my HTML forms? 


Starting out it would appear to be worthwhile but I'm not sure how things might change later down the line when I'm doing more with my forms and introducing javascript to it.  It's a bunch of coding to change all my forms now so I wanted to hear some input before I started.  Would this be just a complete waste of server side processing?


TIA!  8)

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It all depends on your needs.  I created a class that handles input's (not the whole form), then I have a  validation class that automatically validates the inputs.  This takes loads of work off of me, as I only need to set the validation rules for the inputs.  It is also written in a way that I can add any javascript that I need as well.


The question isn't "is is worthwhile", the question is "can you make it open ended enough".

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Thanks for all the replies, I've been writing something for myself so it suits my needs and also for the learning.


All my class variables are private.  I am only letting values be set through the constructor, am I okay to not create accessor functions?



  private $css_class;	// css style for the form (defaults to "user_form")
  private $action;	// where form is submitted to 
  private $legend;	// legend text value (defaults to blank string)
  private $method;	// method (defaults to post)
  private $html;	// html code for the form

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