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Correct way to create a table within <?php ?>


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Had some great help yesterday, but I'm stuck using <?php ?> on every line, thanks to Joomla


Anyway, I'm trying to create a table, and it doesn't seem to be working, to create it, what is the correct format?


<?php <table width='400px' border ='1'>; ?>  ??


output will be put out on a per line within a if statement, which works, just the framing of the table and tr and td seem to be eluding me.



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Or alternatively come out of your <?php ?> tags and just put pure HTML in then reopen you tags as and when you need to.




/* Some php code defining variables, functions etc etc*/

<tr><td>blah blah <?php echo $variable ?> blah </td></tr>
// more php code


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